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Elle is a master beach photographer, crafter, and coach for photogs wanting to show up as their true selves.

People, teaching, and crafting have been her passions for as long as she can remember. Elle (pronounced like Ellie) was an elementary teacher for 5 years  but she was caught by the not-so-subtle pull to become a full time photographer.

That's when she decided to just do it. She wasn't going to let fear hold here back and she hasn't regretted the decision since! She got the freedom she always wanted, takes naps with her weenies daily, and only works with the types of people who bring her joy.

She's been a photographer for more than 10 years and decided to niche down to beach photography once she quit teaching. Elle specializes in lifestyle photography, capturing the major milestone in life, and embracing the chaos of the families she works with.

In her free time you can catch her crafting, aimlessly walking the aisles of TJ Maxx and Target, or dancing in the kitchen with her wiener pups and a glass of wine in hand. 

She's an ambivert who leaves the bars by 8 because she can't stand the noise once the bands start to pick up. She's the perfect balance of chaos and calm.

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Learn how to run a successful business of your dreams. Operate within its means; financially and emotionally. Make sure you're taking care of your business as much as your business is taking care of you. Own your sh*t and stop apologizing for putting yourself first. Learn how identify its problems and work to fix them. 

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Learn how to give your clients a killer photo experience, from their initial inquiry all the way through booking, the session itself, and gallery delivery. See how I put workflows in place that allow you to rinse & repeat session after session, no matter the type.

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