A Lowcountry Picnic Engagement At Wright Family Park | Bluffton, SC


Guys, I know that planning an engagement can be super intimidating. You’re probably doubting if it’s even possible to give your girl her dream engagement- but I’m here to tell you that it IS possible! ??

That’s where hiring a professional photographer comes in. We are here to make it happen! Colby reached out to me at the end of July about proposing to his girlfriend Brenna who happened to be a long-time college friend of mine and I was so excited! We started planning right away, and the first thing that came to my mind was a picnic! I had been seeing these *adorable* picnics pop up all over Bluffton & HHI and had been dying for a chance to work with them.

Kara & Parker (the owners of Lowcountry Picnic) were so accomodating with our date and helped Colby plan the perfect picnic. They are a full-service picnic planner with incredible imaginations. If you’re wondering about their process, I snagged this from their website… “After reserving online, we set up your custom picnic with pillows, blankets, decor, and a whole lot more. We come to you, whether it’s your community park, backyard, porch, dock, beach, or one of our recommended locations, we are here to ensure your picnic has the perfect setting and decor.” 

You might be wondering where the food comes from… well, “You’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks! We partner with Grace and Gouda and Brie’s Boards for custom charcuterie board options. We also offer fresh lemonade, and are more than happy to deliver food from your favorite restaurant.” If you’re wanting to pop some champagne ?  or other adult beverages at your picnic you’ll have to bring those yourself due to state laws and licensing. 

To get the planning started you’ll be sent a Preference Sheet to help Kara & Parker find out your vision for the picnic and things you’d like to include. Lowcountry Picnic made the process so easy for Colby and took all the stress out of planning the perfect proposal! All he had to do was get Brenna down here and get down on one knee!

I’m super excited to work with Lowcountry Picnic on future projects! Looking for the perfect proposal plan? Or if you just want a unique date idea to change up from your normal routine… Lowcountry Picnic is your go-to. No two picnics are the same! Don’t believe me? Check out their Insta! I promise you’ll thank me later ? Getting in touch with them is easy! DM them on Insta, fill out the contact form here, or message them on FB

Also, you can’t go wrong with hiring a photographer ??‍♀️ to grab some super cute shots while you’re dining!

Brenna + Colby attended Presbyterian School of Pharmacy together (where his parents also met, how cool is that?!) They coincidentally met on a rotation together at Greenville Memorial Hospital. He had a conference to attend on the day he was usually working, and he just happened to come on the day she was working. After that, he found out who was in her study group and started to study with them.

One night while studying Brenna decided to go see a movie (Avengers End Game) by herself to take a break and Colby invited himself to go with her! He claims that was their first date but she isn’t so convinced. A couple of years and a few jobs later they are now engaged and ready to start the wedding planning!

Congratulations Brenna + Colby! It was so special getting to share this moment with you! Want to see more of their session? Check it out here.

Location: Wright Family Park, Bluffton, SC






August 29, 2021





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