Romantic Beach Proposal, Mike & Bri Are Engaged


Mike was referred to me by some local friends that I had previously worked with. When he told me his plans to propose to his girlfriend while they were on vacation in the Lowcountry I was more than happy to help him!

When planning proposal sessions like this, I actually like to keep the “planning” to a minimum. I don’t want the guy to be so focused on getting to the right spot and facing the right direction that he doesn’t actually get to appreciate and enjoy the moment that he’s in!

After making initial contact, ironing out the day, time, and location details, we get a contract in place, and I take it from there! I try to keep my contact with the guy to a minimum so the girlfriend doesn’t suspect anything (or wonder why he’s getting all these texts from a stranger).

I show up to the location a few minutes ahead of time. I text him when I’m in place and then I just wander around and take some random pictures until they show up. I let him know what I’m wearing and he lets me know what they’re wearing so I can make sure I have the right couple. I make sure that he knows to take his time and let the proposal happen naturally, not to force or rush it.

While I’m waiting for him to get down on one knee, I pretend to take pictures of the landscape and any animals that might be nearby. Luckily we live in a place that there’s no shortage of scenery to photograph so I don’t look suspicious to the girlfriend having a photographer nosing around. If there is a small family or couple nearby I’ll pretend to take their pictures while waiting for the proposal to happen. This situation is more preferred, because I can also give someone from the fake group my phone to take a video of the proposal happening!

Bri had one more surprise in store, Mike brought all her family in from New York so they could celebrate with her in person!

If you are planning a proposal or planning on getting engaged, I highly recommend hiring a photographer to capture it! And now, enjoy some of my favorite shots from Mike + Bri’s session below 💍


man kneeling down proposing to girlfriend on the beach

engaged couple hugging on the rock jetty on a beach

A couple on the beach, hugging each other with the ocean in the background.

couple on the beach who recently got engaged

man hugging woman emphasis on new engagement ring

A girl excited to see her family after getting engaged

An extended family on the beach wearing bright colors

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November 4, 2022





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