Extended Family Sunset Session in Palmetto Dunes


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Palmetto Dunes is such a beautiful resort, I always get excited when I shoot in there because 1. The houses are insane and 2. The beaches are usually less crowded than public ones. If you’re coming to HHI, I definitely recommend staying here! You can browse some of the available rentals from VRBO here.



There were 2 toddlers in Jenna’s group and hers had missed naptime. She warned me ahead of time of her concerns about him not being able to make it through the session because of how late it was (7:45) and that he would be cranky.

I assured her that I was okay with it and I was used to cranky kids (since most summer sessions start super late) and that we would make the best of it!


Sunset Session Time

We got the big group pictures out of the way first, then moved on to her immediate family’s groupings and shot as long as we could before he really lost it and she took him back to the house. We got plenty of good shots in, and Jenna was able to stay pretty relaxed during the session (which I know is super hard for mamas to do when their kid is acting up). 

Her whole family was great. There were 2 sets of grandparents, cousins, siblings, and spouses at the session. Everyone brought their drinks down to the beach too since we were right next to the house which is totally okay! Whatever helps dad to loosen up for the pictures I’m game for.


Gallery Delivery

After delivering the gallery for each of my sessions, my clients get a feedback questionnaire. On it, I ask about their satisfaction with the session, the scheduling, their gallery, I ask about the things I did well and what they think I could do better, and so much more!

I always tell my clients I want them to be honest with their feedback because I want to make sure I’m delivering the best quality I can for each and every session, and I truly believe in being a reflective business owner and want to change the things that aren’t working for people.

Do they always fill it out? No, but I be sure to give the ones that do an extra reward.


Take a look at some of Jenna’s answers from her questionnaire.

Q: What did I do well?

A: Juggling my large family and all of our subgroups of families efficiently and in a friendly manner.


Q: What could I do better?

A: I honestly think everything was perfect- from the prep emails leading up to our session (something I’d never been given but was perfect to share with family, to put us all at ease), to your general enthusiasm and professional personality, and beautiful photos.


Q: If you could change one thing through this entire process what would it be?

A: If I had to choose something, I wish I’d just let my toddler keep sucking on the sucker, I wouldn’t mind if he had them in all of the pictures if it would keep him happy, but hopefully he’ll be better next time!



Do I get a little nervous when I get a notification that someone completed the feedback request? Of course. I’m always worried that I’m not good enough, or that they hated their gallery (my biggest insecurity, especially when I deliver it and I don’t hear anything back from them – which actually happens pretty often!)

I’ve gotten 2 forms back that had some really honest critiques on them, some things were beyond my control, but it really made me sit back and take a look at the things I could improve so it wouldn’t happen again. If you get a negative questionnaire back, you can’t let it get you down. Read it. Change things. Move on. No sense dwelling on the past and things that you can’t change.

See their full gallery here.


Photographers, If you want a copy of the EXACT questionnaire I send to my clients, grab it here!


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February 27, 2022





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