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My spring calendar is filling up so I wanted to share some outfit inspiration! A lot of my clients ask me what they should wear to their spring photo sessions. After all, these photographs will become a staple in your frames and albums for years to come.  Choosing timeless, yet appropriate attire will lend to only the best results from your photoshoot.

Things To Remember

Choosing soft, warm colors can be very pleasing to the lens. Depending on the location, you can opt for slightly bolder colors, earthy or contrasting tones such as big stripes paired with a solid color. Don’t get overwhelmed about having to go shopping for so many outfits. You probably have a lot of staples in your closets already. When styling a family, I like to start with dad because their wardrobes can be the most limiting with what they have available AND what they feel comfortable in. If they don’t feel comfortable during the session, then nobody will.

Khaki shorts are a go-to for dad. They don’t have to be khaki color, but something solid. Finding a solid or textured shirt for him should be relatively easy. Since it’s spring, look for something in a pastel color. Boys are the next easiest to dress because they’ll also wear khaki-type shorts and can do a solid color or textured shirt. Shit options for both boys can include a nice V-neck tee, a polo, a henley, or a short-sleeve button-down.

Shopping for you and girls can be the most fun because you can incorporate movement and patterns. Dresses should be midi-maxi in length for both of you. Flutter sleeves are very flattering if you’re insecure about your arms, and thin straps could be good for girls. Adding a jean jacket is an easy way to accessorize or add a layer without going overboard.

If you do want to shop for all new outfits, I recommend getting everyones at the same place. Old Navy is the best place to do this because a lot of their lines coordinate and share fabrics.

Things To Avoid

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Pinstripes, small dots, and tiny patterns do not photograph well. I recommend patterns be bigger than a penny. Wearing accessories can add a nice touch, but try to avoid accessories that are too big as they may overshadow your face.

Please don’t match. When everyone wears the same thing there’s not going to be any definition or personality to your pictures. If you have 2 boys or 2 girls close in age, I can see why you would want them to match, but they don’t have to be identical. See if you can invert their colors – one where blue on top and white on bottom, the other wear white on top and blue on bottom for example. You can also put them in the same style of shirt but in different colors.

Here’s A Quick Checklist

  • Choose soft colors, such as pink, light blue, lavender, yellow, etc. for dreamy looks.
  • Minimal accessories are best, as too big or too many can detract from the image.
  • For children, outfits that have a lot of creativity behind them. They can be fun, layered looks, sporty, textures (tutus and ruffles for girls look so cute!), khakis, sweaters, skirts, dresses, etc.
  • Avoid character t-shirts, shirts with sayings, etc.
  • My guys, avoid wearing white socks with dress shoes.
  • Make sure shoes are clean, not raggedy or muddy. For the women, boots, heels, sandals, or dress shoes look great. Although, if we’re on the beach you’ll be barefoot!

Why Does It Matter What You Wear?

Your family photos from a professional photographer are treasures that can never be replaced. Those milestones in your life can be forever captured and passed down from one generation to the next. Whether you need images for senior photos or collecting moments from your children, I provide the perfect blend of photojournalism along with professional posing techniques.

My goal is to make your photo session fun, easygoing, and as professional as possible. My images are unique to every family, whether you want to capture the love for an engagement session, a bridal portrait session, or remember how your child looked on their sixteenth birthday. One day when you look back on your images, you will be so thankful that you took the time to have professional photos to capture the emotions and expressions!


I shopped the spring lines from some of my favorite stores to give you some inspiration (or even a shopping list) for an upcoming session!


Spring Outfits From Target For Family Pictures:


Dad: Khaki Shorts & Shirt 1 or Shirt 2

Boys: Khaki Shorts & Shirt 1 or Shirt 2 

Girls: Dress 1 or Dress 2

Mom: Dress 1 or Dress 2


Family Session Spring Outfits From Old Navy:old-navy-spring-session-outfit-ideas-styling

Dad: Khaki Shorts & Short-Sleeve Henley 

Boys: Khaki Shorts & Button-Down Short-Sleeve 

Girls: Jean Jacket & Dress 1 or Dress 2 

Mom: Dress 1 or Dress 2


Ready to book your spring family session? Be sure to inquire before it’s too late and I’m all booked up! Fill out my contact form here to get details & pricing right away.


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