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Hilton Head Photographer Elle Michele shares her favorite Bluffton restaurants. Wondering where to eat in Bluffton? These spots would be a good start!


In this brand new series, Friday Fives, I’ll pop in every week and share my 5 favorite spots, tips, tricks, questions, you name it! Have a Friday Fives request? Slide into my DMs and share it with me!


Something I love about living in such a tourist-heavy town is being able to recommend spots that even someone who lives here might not know about. The food opportunities in The Lowcountry are endless! My friends and I have such a hard time deciding on which new place we want to try so we usually end up going to the same place every week. These are my tried and true places around Bluffton.


Favorite Brunch Spot In Bluffton: Katie O’Donalds

On the weekends (because when else would you brunch) their mimosas are $3 and bottomless. I highly recommend getting the steak tidbits to start. My dad is obsessed with this place and every time he comes down to visit we have to go at least twice. Also, Target is right next door so I usually wind up there after I’ve had a few mimosas and somehow blackout and drop a couple hundred on things I didn’t know I needed. Does that happen to anyone else?


Favorite Lunch Spot: Downtown Deli

The most picture-esque, Joanna Gaines-inspired cafe if there ever was one. The atmosphere is great, and the food is even better. I usually get the Turkey Burger (without the avocado because I’m a picky eater) with sweet potato fries on the side. They have some great drinks too (including an alcohol selection). I usually do ½ mint green tea and ½ lemonade. If you’re in the market for a venue to have an event or meeting at, I highly recommend Venue 1223. That’s where I had my wedding reception, and I’ve shot countless events there. It’s a great space, very tasteful, and extremely customizable!

Downtown Deli, pots and pans hanging on the wall, joanna gaines inspired decorations, old town bluffton

Favorite Dinner Spot In Bluffton: Nectar Bluffton

This is the second location for this farm-fresh restaurant and boy does it have some delicious food. The Poutine is one of my favorite appetizers. If the weather is nice, I highly recommend sitting outside to eat. There are cafe lights, the cutest tables and chairs, and just an overall great atmosphere. You’ll find the cutest little gift shop at the entrance and you’ll probably be tempted to buy a couple of things. They have cheeky little dish towels and cute little knick-knacks. My favorite is the Bee-Town pullover.


Favorite After Work Happy Hour: Agave

Best margarita. Hands down! My favorites are strawberry or skinny. They also have delicious queso and the saltiest chips. If I’m extra hungry I’ll grab a chicken quesadilla. They have some indoor bar seating, but I like to sit outside and people watch what’s happening around the Promenade. 


Favorite Treat Spot In Bluffton: Joe’s Ice Cream & Beverage Co

Joe’s is the cutest dessert spot you’ve ever seen. There’s a great play area out back for kids, the inside is designed impeccably, and they have wine ice cream. They can make any ice cream combination you want, they have some unique and some classic flavors, and did I mention they have wine ice cream?


If you take my advice and go to one of my favorite spots, be sure to take a picture and tag me on the gram! @ellemichelephotography you can also tag my new site #lowcountryphotospots @lowcountryphotospots.


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