Episode 001: I’m Launching A Podcast

The Podcast

So… Why exactly did I decide to launch a podcast? To be honest, I hate the sound of my voice. But the thought of hosting a YouTube channel and actually having to get myself ready and presentable whenever I want to record was an instant turn-off, so here we are!

My Favorite Podcasts

I also polled you guys in my story last week to see if you wanted to hear content from me through Youtube, a podcast, or a blog and I was surprised to see that blog was the winner.  The other reason I chose to go with the podcast is so that you have the option to listen on the go. I feel like all I do is drive. I think that’s what the dealerships think I do too because I put so many miles on my cars ?. I could only listen to the same 20 songs over and over again on my 40-minute drives to and from the beach.

Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast is the very first one I ever listened to and I was amazed how fast it made the time go in the car! My drive to the beach was an episode, and my drive back was another. That girl has some awesome content on her podcast, let me tell you. I found myself getting so frustrated when I listened because she had so many amazing points and I wanted to take so many notes but I couldn’t because I was driving!

The next one I got hooked on was the Murdaugh Murders Podcast. The craziest thing about that saga is that it is happening right here in The Lowcountry! I’ve either been to or know about every place that is mentioned and it’s so crazy that it’s real life! I would get so mad when people would call me in the middle of an episode. I never realized how entranced I would get until I would get interrupted.

Naming The Podcast

After deciding that a Podcast is what I was going to do, I had to come up with a name. I was bouncing ideas around with my photo bestie, Whitney (by the way, if you don’t have a photo bestie in your life, you need one). I knew I wanted to include something about authenticity in it. A big part of my brand is that I don’t sugarcoat things. I’m honest and tell it like it is. My clients tell me all the time that one of the reasons they loved working with me so much is because I was relatable. They didn’t feel like they had to be super proper around me. They knew they could just be themselves.

The word outlast is significant for a couple of reasons. The first is that photographs are the only thing that will outlast a person in this world. When someone is gone, the only way you’ll be able to really remember what they look like is with a picture. Memories get foggy and eventually fade away. Without a photo, you won’t be left with much. The second reason I liked the word outlast is that photography is the only thing that has outlasted all of my other passions in life. Scrapbooking, crafting, my Etsy shop, even teaching.

Just Do It.

Speaking of being honest… this is my first day with this microphone and using this editing software so I only have a slight idea what I’m doing. In a couple weeks or months from now when I really get a hang of all this, I know i’m going to go back and listen to this episode and cringe at the quality. But you know what? It doesn’t matter! What matters is that I am doing something new and I’m just going for it!

Kinda like what happened when I got my R6 on my way out the door to a beach session and decided on a whim to use it without figuring out any of the buttons beforehand. I just did it. And it wasn’t bad! I know that mindset won’t work for everyone, but you can’t let fear keep you from trying new things. Sure it’s scary. Sure you might not have any idea what you’re doing. Sure it could end up being total crap. But you’ll never know if you don’t just do it.

Thank you!

As a thank you for making it to the end of this first episode I want to share a discount that you can use in my Resource Shop!  The promo code will get you 10% off any item I have listed! If you haven’t had the chance to look at my shop yet you can find it at ellemichele.com/resource-shop thats (spell it out). I’ll also link it in the shownotes.

Thank you so much for listening! Be sure to tune in next week where I’ll share how I opened a photography studio only 5 months after I quit my teaching job.

January 20, 2022





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