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I have been fortunate enough that I’ve never had a client complain about my gallery delivery time, so I guess that means I must be doing something right, right?! ? 

My typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks (unless it’s in the middle of a busy season like June\July\August or November\December then it may go up to 3-4 weeks).

There’s a lot that goes into getting a gallery ready for a client besides the obvious editing and lighting corrections. I also go through and do my very best to get rid of any distractions that are in images. Whether it be people in the background on the beach or removing sweat spots on shirts because even at 730pm, it’s still hot as balls out here. I’m not a photoshop pro by any means. I have some more to learn, but I know enough to get images where they need to be.

Curious what my process is?
1️⃣ When I get home from a session I import images to an AI program that helps me get rid of blurs and blinks so I don’t have quite as many images to go through.

2️⃣ From there I import all images into Lightroom where I cull through and choose the images that I’ll include in a final gallery. Anywhere from 20-50 depending on which type of session was chosen.

3️⃣ Once I’ve decided on the images that will go into the gallery, I edit my 3-10 favorites and text them for a sneak peek within a couple of days.

4️⃣ Then I export the catalog of 20-50 images and send them to my editor who works her magic to make sure they are all edited consistently and beautifully.

5️⃣ After she edits and sends them back to me I get to work on removing distractions in photoshop. Depending on the type of shoot, the location, and the number of people this can sometimes be the most time-consuming part.

6️⃣ When the photoshopping is finished I export the images and upload them to my gallery hosting site, create a custom app, and send all the emails! 

7️⃣ After getting their gallery, I encourage clients to look it over and let me know if there are any other adjustments I need me to make.

✨This does not include swapping out or looking back through the original images.

✨What it does include is swapping out faces, blending tan lines, and getting rid of other background distractions.

8️⃣ About a week after a client receives their gallery I send a follow-up email with a feedback questionnaire where I want them to share all about their experience with me.

9️⃣ A month or so after a session, I send a little thank you gift in the mail with a custom note.


Still curious about what the process looks like on a deeper level? I’m now offering mentoring sessions to give you an inside look! Check out more details on what having me as a mentor looks like.




September 2, 2021





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