Photographer Holiday Gift Guide



Apple AirPod Pros

I used to think the AirPod Pros were overrated and no different than the basic ones. Boy, was I wrong! These things are like pillows in your ears. Truly, spectacular. AirPods are also a lifesaver for me and my second shooters on wedding days. We each have one in an ear and we’re on a call with each other so we can always be in touch – even when we’re across the venue from each other. Find it on Amazon here.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Cards

The only SD card a photographer should be using! I have more of these guys than I can count in all different sizes! 32, 64, 128, and 256! Find it on Amazon here.

Memory Card Case

Of course, the only way to keep the endless memory cards organized is in a cute case! I labeled the slots too to keep track for the cards that are empty and full. Find it on Amazon here.

RF 85 1.2 L

The lens you never knew you needed. The compression on this bad boy is delicious. This is the perfect lens for outdoor headshots, couples, engagements, seniors, and any other intimate session you might have. Find it on Amazon here.

Foot Massager

Probably one of the more random things I’ll recommend, but seriously. How sore are your feet after being on them for an all day wedding or day of shooting minis? Treat the photographer in your life this holiday season. Find it on Amazon here.

Legitimate Batteries

If there’s one thing that drives me nuts during a session is when I get the error message in the middle of shooting with a knock off battery. Do yourself and your camera a favor and get the good ones.  Find it on Amazon here. Throw in this dual charger for the fun of it.

December 14, 2022





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