Smart Home Holiday Gift Guide


Is your home ready for the holidays?! In case you didn’t know, I’m a procrastinator to the max. When I’m thinking of gifting I always try to think of things that will be useful and people will genuinely enjoy receiving. These are some of my favorite smart home things that I use daily! If you click an item in the image it will take you to the Amazon listing.


Clarifion Air Purifier

I have air purifiers in all of our main living spaces. There’s one next to my bed, in the living room, and in my office. These filterless ones are new to me, but I know that air purifiers work because I could see the difference between the old and new filter when I would change them in my previous units. Find it on Amazon here!

Kaasa Smart Bulbs

I have these smart bulbs on the 2 lights in front of our house on either side of the garage and I love that I can have them on a timer to automatically come on around sunset when it gets dark. I love even more that you can change the colors of them. I like to match the season, pink for valentines, red/blue for patriotic, red/green for christmas, orange for halloween, green for st patty’s, etc! It’s an easy way to spice up the front of your house. Find it on Amazon here!

Kaasa Smart Plugs

These things control so much in my house. Some are on timers, and unlike my husband they listen to me every time I tell them to do something! We plug our outdoor Christmas and back patio lights into waterproof smart plugs. Even the snake light has its own set of plugs for her day light and night light. It’s easy to control the plugs from their app or Alexa is what I use most of the time. Find it on Amazon here!

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Okay, this might not be on the techy side of smart, but it brings me so much joy every time I go to get a baggie out! I used to get annoyed having to move all the boxes around. Who would have thought a little wooden box would be such a game changer?! Find it on Amazon here!

Alexa Echo Show

We have an Alexa in pretty much every room of our house. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, my studio, I don’t know how I survived without her! She controls almost every light in our house, plays music when I need a pick me up, timers, alarms, reminders, fun facts, and fart sounds when needed. Find it on Amazon here!

Wyze Panoramic Camera

There are a few Wyze cameras in our house, a basic one inside the front door, a little monitor for the snake, and a panoramic one in the kitchen so I can keep an eye on the dogs when we’re gone! These cameras are affordable and easy to set up. Find it on Amazon here!


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. You are not obligated to purchase from my links, but it is helpful for me to know that the things I’m sharing are meaningful

December 8, 2022





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