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Spilling all the secrets, anything you want to hear.

we get really real.

We all know that even the best-laid plans can go off on a tangent. Nothing is off the table

it's like chatting with your bestie

I'm sharing some of my mistakes I've made along the way so you don't have to make them!

not your average photographer pod

What you'll find on the podcast:

People, teaching, and crafting have been my passions for as long as I can remember. I was an elementary teacher for 5 years (I even made it through 2020, woop-woop) but I was always caught feeling the not-so-subtle pull to become a full time photographer. 

That's when I decided to just do it. I wasn't going to let fear hold me back and I haven't regretted the decision since! I get to have the freedom I always wanted, take naps with my weenies daily, and only work with the people who bring me joy.

lifestyle photographer · beach educator · go-getter

Host of Outlast, the podcast

Hey friend! I'm Elle.

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Today I’m being joined by Cameron & Tia and we’re going to be talking about the power of AI and the impact it can make in your business (for the better!)   Meet our guest: Cameron & Tia are wedding photographers and photography business coaches based in Minneapolis, MN. They met in second grade at […]

My first year as a full-time photographer was kind of a crapshow, not going to lie. Honestly, even before I went full time it was kind of a disaster. I didn’t set money aside for taxes, I couldn’t even give you a ballpark amount of how much I “paid myself” or put back into my […]

  I’m so excited to have Lauren share all of her decision-making expertise with you! I met Lauren earlier this year at Laylee Emadi’s creative educator conference in dallas and was blown away by the talk she gave! This is where I was formally introduced to the idea of Decision Fatigue. Everyone meet Lauren: “I’m a […]

  I spend a good amount of time on social media (thank you iPhone for reminding me exactly how much with my weekly report every Sunday). As I’m scrolling stories and posts, I often see people share things about their business that might not reflect so well on them. Have you ever found yourself sharing […]

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